"You Couldn't Make it Up" — A.B. Monroe

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A.B. Monroe

A.B. Monroe writes books about real-life situations, introducing her readers to strong characters that come into her life for one reason or another. Abi has no personal rule that those she meets share her opinions and ideologies – she simply attempts to understand the thought process of the people she chooses to have around her. A personal requirement that she was unaware of until she crossed the channel.

About the Book

The south of France, known for its beauty, perfect climate, fresh produce, excellent cuisine, fine wines and steeped in history – but what lurks behind?

This is a humorous, yet cautionary tale of three naive individuals – Abi, Marc and their daughter Beth – who, after losing their financial security in the housing crash of 2008, packed up their belongings and relocated to Provence.

Finding themselves unexpectantly welcomed into the family that owned their rented farmhouse, Abi, Marc and Beth were in their element – long lunches under the hot sun, dinner parties by the pool, and a simple lifestyle that was to provide them with the pleasurable and affordable elements life has to offer; fresh croissants, soft, creamy goats cheese, an abundance of locally produced wine, lunches on hot winter days at the beach and evening movies in the garden.

Failing to head the warning that offering a hand in France can mean the loss of the whole arm, this family found themselves in one crisis after another as uninvited strangers sought to share the delights they had previously overlooked. A story of suspicion, jealousy, seduction, and of course, the impending inheritance that which keeps all French on their toes.

Released on 16 May 2023

Price £12.99

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